Ashley Madison – really?

Since the media is saturated, why not add my two cents worth?

As a cyber security professional I may view things a little differently.

So we have a site (others as well) that caters to cheating. Is it  a shock? It shouldn’t be, there are sites for pretty much everything.

As you probably already have gathered via that media saturation as the world things that this is FAR more important than any other world issue a site that is devoted to aiding people in cheating on those that they love. That site was broken into OR had an insider blow the whistle on the whole shebang.  At this point there are some clues that lead us to believe that the breach revealed far too much to be the result of a break in. That the data is too complete.

so we have:

  • a breech of security

The breach may have been an inside job, so that is an interesting series of bit in my feeds. (@Pissed0ffPirate (that is a zero) if you want to follow me on Twitter)

  • release of confidential material

We get to see a list of people who are not so smart. This list has people who never thought of the worst, are naive, or just plain dumb. We are seeing claims of those who claim that they were set up. I suppose that it is possible that they could have been, only the individual would know the truth.

  • suicides

As of today, I am aware of three suicides being attributed to the release of the data. Is this worth ending one’s life? (I think I have a suicide post around here somewhere) Why not either fix your relationship or move on and try for a new one?

  • lawsuits

We are seeing legal actions already starting. I don’t know how many of these will remain individual actions or if they will be forced into one or a few class action lawsuits.

  • sextortion

For those that made the decision to wander this path, and someone tries to extort or blackmail you… just fess up. Your spouse/significant other is going to find out. No doubt about it. Just step up and work through it. (you may have to end it, but at least you don’t have the stress or financial losses)

  • further relationship issues

At some point down the road, there will be studies and surveys that will show how many relationship and families were affected by this, but right now it is too early to tell.

  • potential FTC action

With Ashley Madison defrauding it’s clients with fake female accounts and poor cyber security practices will the FTC have a field day with their sorry asses?

Since the courts have just given the FTC that authority, I am expecting tremendous scrutiny and fines.

  • issues I have forgotten or did not think of

some of the data is showing 20 million guys checked their Ashley Madison email, but only 1492 women did… those are some really slim odds of getting tail. that tail also has to be really tired and like tossing that hot dog down a hallway. With the site creating a ton of bogus accounts to give the semblance of women to meet, it seems like plain fraud and dirty pool. Remember that I see quite a bit of spam for other sites and the names  and locations change for the women’s images. We know that there have been cases where pictures of women have been harvested from the web/facebook and used by these types of sites.

As a man, I have a pretty strong belief that any near average or better woman that would like to spend some time between the sheets (or on/in  a car, stairwell, rooftop, back yard, wherever) with a man, all they need to do is let it be known and they could even take auditions if they wanted.

5 thoughts on “Ashley Madison – really?”

  1. This is the same bunch of stupid, desperate guys who used to call "chat lines" and still think women want to see pictures of their penises. It's funny to think that they were all checking their emails, waiting for some lonely old broad to ring their bell.

    As to it being an inside job, I think you're spot on. Even guys who used fake names still are exposed because they used a credit card billed to their home address. That's fucked up. No way some basic hacker would have all that info in one go.

    If you're a guy who was hoping (unsuccessfully) to have an affair, just fess up and be done with it. Guys do stupid things, and I'll bet most of their clientele never actually did anything wrong.

    1. Wait, you mean that you don't want those pics?
      I learned photoshop for nothing?

      I would expect that they would take Bitcoin, other cybercurrency, paypal, whatever.
      Perhaps I am too logical.
      My ignorance in the matter may be showing. Not a service that I need or want. Curious about how it works, the demographics, etc, sure. I am a stats geek.

      As to the wrongdoing, I suspect that most women would view membership to Ashley Madison and their competitors enough of a cheat. You are not the average feline so I am not stunned by your more relaxed position.

  2. I have trouble seeing this topic through any lens but in regards to the Josh Duggars of the world.

    Anecdotally, I've noted that conservative religious WASP / evangelical HUSBANDS seem to be prone toward cheating. Considering all the patriarchal bullshit from this part of our culture, I find them to be the most hypocritical of Americans.

    I suspect a lot of these types got caught up in the Ashley Madison wash.

    Good. Fuck them.

    We need to be less puritanical. We need to have a healthier and less repressed attitude for sex. When we start doing these things, airing out our weird hang ups, etc… then there will be less Ashley Madisons, less ruined lives, less suicides, etc.

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