Ethical question

We know that the MPAA and other organizations are trying everything within their power to stop piracy.

We also know that BitTorrent use is not easy to stop, deter, prevent, etc.

The Cyber Security industry has seen trememdous growth in Ransomware infections.
For those unaware, Ransomware is a type of malware that once it is active on your device, it will encrypt certain types of files (such as all MS Office files) and once it is ready, presents the user with a popup demanding X dollars in BitCoin or whatever method of payment to get your files decrypted.

When CryptoLocker came out, it stunned us with the briliance and visciousness. The folks behind CryptoLocker seemed honorable about decrypting the files once they were paid and did not return. The new breed of Ransomware authors are not as honorable in their craft. You may or may not get your shit back if you pay before the deadline.

Now here is where my question comes up…

What if the MPAA, et al were to infect bogus copies of their clients’ works and seed them out infecting the respective pirates’ machines. Perhaps not having a rason demand or decrypt.

Using the premise similar to when a driver is at fault for being t-boned simply because their license was suspended and therefore should not have been on the road at all. If you were not illegally downloading the files you woul dnot have become infected…

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