Ferguson, yes I have views too

So the world has been watching to see where this went.

Before I begin, I was not there, nor was I in the grand jury, so I know only what the public knows.

I am in a different camp than Wil Wheaton, and others. I am probably in the minority of Anonymous, as the vocal side is stomping their feet that this was such a travesty.

I do not know what factors told the officer that deadly force was the best reaction.  Perhaps he SHOULD have used a non-lethal.

Am I racist? no, will I be called racist, could be.

We knew that the chance was high that there was going to be trouble either way tonight.  How many riots or destruction has occurred after winning a pro ball game or hockey game? People get overly excited and lose their common sense.

The bottom line is that the grand jury did not see enough to compel ANY of them to put forth charges. Not ONE!

We know from the strong arm robbery shortly before his death, that he was not in his right mind. He may have been kind and gentle normally, but not that day.

Sorry, this was blown way out of proportion, and most of us knew it in August. So much money and time spent. I will not call it it a waste, because our society seemed to feel the need for it to be intense. So be it.

We also knew in August that the masses were no going to accept the outcome.

Now it will go to a civil case where you don’t really have to prove a case. At least not anywhere near as conclusively.

God help those who have been directly impacted; family, friends, the community, even the police…

To those protesting: Please do not rip up your communities…

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  1. "I do not know what factors told the officer that deadly force was the best reaction. Perhaps he SHOULD have used a non-lethal."

    from Officer Wilson's Lawyers:
    "From the onset, we have maintained and the grand jury agreed that Officer Wilson's actions on August 9 were in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the procedures of an officer. Law enforcement personnel must frequently make split-second and difficult decisions. Officer Wilson followed his training and followed the law."

    I'd really like to know these factors too… and understand what procedures and training Wilson was following to use deadly force.

    1. Yes, that was the point of my statement… :-)there is a decision tree that helps to determine the appropriate level of response. Sometimes the fear level drives the answer to be the fatal solution.He may have been killed for being a combatant, 6'-4″, black man.With what I have seen thus far, I am siding with the officer. I have seen nothing compelling from the decedent's side. Their has been plenty of misinformation spewed.Now the over-reactions of the town (both sides (and outsiders)) have been pretty stunning.

      1. I don't blame the effects of this being such a "loaded" situation on any side… I say its all of our fault.

        What is the media supposed to do? Ignore Ferguson?

        But I do understand where you are coming from about the officer. But I don't perceive enough transparency into what is good or bad about the procedures.

        it may be okay to not indict him, but that doesn't mean the situation didn't unfold badly and there aren't improvements to be recognized. I can't see how we can say the officer handled that well.

        1. Perhaps they didn't need to ignore it, but they could have covered it honestly with the facts, all the facts coming out. Like how he was charging head down. and that's how he was shot in the top of the head.

          Like the drug test that showed he had been using marijuana in large quantities before the strong arm robbery, the one that the cop stopped him to ask about.

          How can anyone make an informed conclusion if the information was controlled and altered to fit the talking points?

          1. Don’t think that I am standing up for the bad guy…  The cop did testify in his behalf and it is very rare that the defendant gets to do that.It is very odd. I am not butt hurt that Michael Brown was killed other than the loss of human life. He was a thug.Deputy Wilson may have overreacted, but what I have seen of the evidence I feel that the grand jury did what they should have.I do wish that the demographics of the grand jury would have more closely matched the community.But this grand jury was different than the VAST majority of the cases in this country.

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