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  1. anyway, come on now. What is power good for if not for coveting, consolidating, and generally making the most of it? Anyone who doesn't do this… isn't worthy of the office. At least, that is a reasonable observation of what we look for in our leaders.

    To expect that power-holders don't innately behave this way is naive. Good thing our Founders knew this. That's why they gave us checks and balances arranged in so many ways.

    SO, with this in mind, what is the check on this "fuck's" "abuse" of power? From a Framer perspective, if there isn't a sufficient check, it is because they wanted him to have so much discretion on how to uphold our laws.

    The only other check is.. the ballot box. If not on the President, then certainly his Party.

    1. When our country was established there was a 'moral society'. Washington was a clear example of that when he refused to be king or serve more than two terms.

      A moral society is about more than personal gratification and avarice.

        1. It was everywhere. The indentured servants lived in it, and were freed according to contract, that doesn't happen in islamist circles, does it?

          It was in the way they cherished freedom and didn't need a big government, they fought and struggled to survive on their own.

          You may want to review what the 'moral society' was.

            1. And that is still happening, but isn't right wing Christians doing it.
              And it was the right wing Christians running the underground railroad while the liberals were still fighting to save Slavery.

              The moral Society wasn't what you pretend it was.

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