Erect Nipples – what do you think ladies?

Women know very well that many of us men get entranced by erect nipples. We become very easily distracted, have a difficult time maintaining our train of thought.
The wonderbra and other padded bras like that really kill the joys of a chilly day.

Nothing new there right?

My question is geared to for the ladies.
Do you also have this distraction? Are you enticed by a man (or woman if that is your preference) who has hard nipples pressing through their shirt?

While I have the laddies’ attention, are you intentionally hiding those lovely nipples from us?

12 thoughts on “Erect Nipples – what do you think ladies?”

  1. Exposed and erect nipples on a woman should be restricted to those times you really don't have a choice. Makes it more appealing than when you go out of your way to make sure no one can miss them. Especially in a professional setting. A glimpse captured accidentally of an otherwise modest lady, just has more power. You know what I mean? Scantly clad women are a dime a dozen. 😉 Erect nipples on a man does not turn my head. It's always the muscles and belly. But truthfully, I'm mostly attracted to personality. So if you have a good one, I'm likely to be attracted to you on a social level. A sexual level? That's way too complicated for this topic.

    1. I do know what you mean.However even as our society shifts back and forth, I am finding that more and more women are wearing the more padded bras and thwarting our enjoyment of that aspect of the lovely form.Since I generally don't wear a jacket when working the door, I frequently get remarks about my ability to cut glass when the weather is cooler. It just got me to wondering…

      1. I think a better question is how do men feel about their nipples. I don't think there's a square inch on the human body that couldn't become an erotica zone. But do men enjoy attention to their nipples? IDK.

          1. Ans this is why you don't wear a jacket when working the door? You are such a SLUT! Hahahaha

            But really, that's good to know. Just to be safe I've always assumed guys like to be touched anywhere and everywhere. Most humans are responsive to the human touch.

            1. It may be better to look at it as humans enjoy the fact that skin overall is erogenous.Some are just more in tune with certain areas and have not opened their minds to expect or process sexual arousal from some areas.

          2. Okay, Griz, now that my nips are hard, I need to put on my padded bra and head to the office.. oops, I mean to the auto repair shop. I'm sure there's a line forming for the special I'm running on rod shaft lubes. haha

  2. I have always avoided padded bras because I did not want to add more to excess that I have now until recently. I purchased a formed bra that has a small amount of padding and what I really liked about it is how smooth it made my shirts/dress lay. I am not much a 'nipple' person especially when looking at guys.. I tend to gravitate more to hair and height… I like em tall, dark and hair 😀

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