Go Topless or Not?

Okay, this last Sunday was a day of Go Topless protests around the world.

I have heard women of all ages, mid teens to well matured ladies, question why men (and many women for that matter) find breasts attractive.

It is a good question, one that I do not have an answer for. I will admit that I am not that concerned why.

The ladies’ argument was that they are just fatty tissue and no big deal.


Now if it is that nonchalant then why is the double standard in place to allow men to go topless but not women.

As we push further and further into equality, then why is this still an issue?

The only rationale that makes sense to me for the objection is low female.


What do you think? what other reasons can you think of to deny equality?

Perhaps you have arguments for equality…


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9 Responses to Go Topless or Not?

  1. Yes please go topless.

    why should men be allowed to but not women?

  2. Lips says:

    Half the men I see these days have their own set of fatty tissue hanging from what used to be their chest. So, uh, yeah, what's the difference.

  3. dandalion says:

    the only time that I think about being topless is when its 100 degrees out, but then ya gotta deal with boob sweat and chaffing.. gah!

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