I am torn on what the Supreme Court did today

Today The Supreme Court handed down a decision that in some ways I can understand since they are dealing only (or are supposed to anyway)  the Constitutional issues at hand.

One of today’s decisions was over the Massachusetts law that set out a buffer zone around abortion clinics.

The zone was to allow an area of safe passage for people to get in and out of clinics without being harassed by protesters.

There is part of the rub, it is impinging on people’s rights to protest.

I have been in protests, those that have been here for a while will remember the Westboro protest.  They can be peaceful or they can turn on a dime and get very ugly.

I am not a fan of Freedom of Speech Zones… To me and as long as I breath air all U.S. soil is a Freedom of Speech Zone. To me, my DD-214 and DD-215 forms say just that.

If you think that you can stop me from protesting, good fuckin luck!

However, that is tempered with the rights of those around me. That is my Libertarian side shining through. I will try really hard to not deprive you of your rights. No just like sin, shit happens sometimes and I may cross a line.

If I am going to drop off a package at a clinic and some rabid protester spits on me I am going to lose it. I may go to jail for my assault, and when the piece of shit get out of the hospital, I will be pressing charges of my own for their crime. (1) Yes, I am quite vindictive when I get pushed. If you want to protest, fine do so respectfully. Remember that just because a person is going in or out of a clinic does not mean that they are participating in the act that you are so upset about. There are people who have to deliver stuff to other offices within the building. Often there are other services being performed that are socially acceptable like breast exams, or pap smears.

Those that have met me (Di Da, Owt Raged, etc.) I am not a small individual. There are reasons that I don;t have fights at the bar when I am bouncing. If I am going to a clinic with Gigglez for a pap smear and someone were to get out of line… understand that I am not afraid of jail.

(1) http://www.pfeiferandpfeifer.com/Criminal-Defense-Blog/2011/May/Be-careful-who-you-spit-on.aspx


3 thoughts on “I am torn on what the Supreme Court did today

  1. When I was bouncing there was small zone (the part of the sidewalk than ran from the storefront of the bar to the street) that we were responsible for, so I don't know if this SCOTUS decision would eliminate that zone or not. Sounds like it would, which would have made my job easier. As far as violence in front of abortion clinics, I wouldn't know about that either. All the anti abortion people I know, myself included, refrain from violence and tense face-to-face confrontation. There are better ways to skin that particular cat and the violent types just hurt the cause.

  2. We are all responsible for the sidewalk, but can’t do anything with it other than maintain it and be taxed for it…It is always the radical ends that pose the greatest problem.

  3. In America we have a lot of screwed up things that people protest over(like protesting abortion clinics, or military funerals), and yes, here we see how it can release a certain ugliness. from those who are doing the protesting.

    But we see, still, all over the world, where those who are protesting are the one's getting the ugliness turned on them. I guess because of this, it is hard for me to say that the ability to protest is not still vital. clearly it is, in Ukraine, in Hong Kong, in Tunisia, and Istanbul, and so on.

    maybe instead of "zones", in our Constitutional consideration, we think broadly about what can a) still allow protest, truly, but equally b) still critically insure said protest is truly a peaceful protest.

    maybe this is the way forward for truly Constitutionally-oriented democracies. always fight for securing our right to protest. AND always fight to make sure that the protests are safe for those protesting AND those who happen to be in the place that the protesters feel they need to be.

    if its not a PEACEFUL protest… then it seems to me its MOB RULE.

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