So how the hell is Griz?

For those that have me in their Facebook list of friends, you have seen my recent updates.

I know Lips is not doing Facebook anymore.

So let’s do a quick run down of what the hell is up with Griz.

Well, a week and a half ago I did a cold turkey cut to an e-cigarette.  I foresaw a few hurdles there, one being pool league where much of the team smokes and it is at the bar…

Oddly enough most of the team switched to e-cigs at the same time or a couple of days earlier. There are only two left that smoke cigarettes now (Yay).

The biggest hurdle that I saw coming at me in a hurry was my shift at the bar. in the five hours I would normally smoke a half pack to a pack. Yeah… wow.

When Saturday night rolled around I headed to the bar and thirty minutes into my shift, my e-cig failed. I started to panic (I was not on anti-depressants to make this easier) and sent a text message to Gigglez.

I was pretty sure that I was going to end up buying a pack of smokes. I then remembered what She had told me about having to reset them form time to time when you have them in your pocket. I did the reset and hallelujah it worked. Situation averted and I did not break my smoke free streak.

For a week after quitting, I was tired and sluggish, then just flat out got SICK. We are talking spiking fever, disorientation, coughing. This was not a shock as I had read about quitters flu when I started feeling abnormally tired.

This illness is on the fourth day and I think I will be back to work tomorrow.

Last night the mask on my CPAP unit broke. Gigglez of course is not happy about that as my snoring is horrible and very hard on my heart. Today I went to get the mask replaced and some things have changed since the new year. I need to get my doctor to sign off on this CPAP therapy every six months… GRRRRrrrr. As if I don;t already have enough office visits and tests to worry about.

Oh and my FLMA paperwork is expiring, so that is another reason for another office visit.

But, even though I am being a real prick and trying hard not to be, Gigglez has not a) tossed my ass out, or b) thrown a pack of smokes at me. She has been awesome even as I push her patience. She doesn’t read my website, so she will not know this praise, but it is still here.

I am still not smoking.

This is the longest that I have gone without smoking since boot camp.

3 thoughts on “So how the hell is Griz?”

    1. I just passed one month last night without a single puff.I am thinking I can call this a win at any time.I get to quit taking Plavix at the end of the bottle now too. 🙂

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