Pushing the limits of respect

After I matured into a full fledged human being and learned compassion, I learned to treat people with a greater level of respect.

Respect for me is earned, not just given.

I tend to give a person a certain level of respect and what they do with it from there is up to them.

Along comes the Westboro Baptist “Church” spewing unbelievable volumes of hatred. I have expressed that had I not had any family, that it would be very tempting to make the entire family martyrs as one of their “protests”.

The Phelps family has lost their patriarch, Fred Phelps.

While the knew response is one of similar hate, we need to rise above them. I did find it ballsy that they asked fro the world to be respectful when they clearly are not.

Yes, it would be fitting for us to stand in line along the procession holding sign that say things like “No Fred, God doesn’t have f*gs, he only hates you.”

The Phelps family is in pain, just like we have all experienced and will experience again. The loss of a loss one, even when they are estranged, is not easy.

Please consider taking the higher ground and don’t throw hate at them right now. Let’s save our hate for a better issue.

39 thoughts on “Pushing the limits of respect”

  1. OMG I can't believe I even remembered my log in!

    It's unfortunate that these people do not see the irony in their request but honestly I would rather save a spider from death than waste my time on any member of this group.

  2. Save our hate for a better issue? No way! That family sucks and deserves to suffer. They should have put a bullet through his head, themselves. I might have had a tiny amount of respect for them if they had. If I was the mortician he'd be buried in drag.

    1. I was certainly torn on it… After facing them directly from across the street with all their hatred…I really had venom within my bloodstream for them, ALL of them. Your reap what you sow, so should they expect any respect here?

                  1. Because no wants to discuss anything with him on SL. He shoudl stay with the other nitwits on CVN. Yet he continues to troll and derail the thread with his posse of guest trolls he brings everywhere with him. He has been told over and over again he is not wanted on SL and still continues to stalk and harass

                    1. He was banned from posting here for a period of time.He may have been the first to be banned. That has since been lifted, but he has not returned since the mass group that he was part of/debating with, moved on.

                    2. I see you are suing people now?
                      That's like running to mummy and daddy when the big boys tell you off.

                      Just when I thought you couldn't get any desperate

                    3. I see you schooled him on CVN. I applaud you for going there but be aware that site is full of communist and people you don't want to be aligned or associate with.

                      He has filed a suit against me

                    4. Thanks for the heads up. I only go there to have a laugh at Rog and his ilk.

                      If you don't min me asking, but what is he alleging you've done and does he actually have your name, address etc?

                    5. Have an email address you want to share with me and I will tell you. You can make a temp. one to be safe

                    6. and no he does not have my contact information. I use the wifi from a business down the road so good luck to him

                    7. Roger just found out that his ban was lifted, so followed Wee here immediately. Roger needs to be banned again. He is stalking and is suing anyone "John Doe" on the internet that hurts his feelings.

                    8. What's fuuny is he replies to everything like a trained monkey being told what to do and thinks he is challenging others and defending his values.

                      Good thing sites like this seen through his crap and banned him for being the troll that he is

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