racist cops are at it again. (Phily PD)

I hope to see a certain feline’s position on this one.
I was only in Phily for a week so I did not have enough exposure to know if what I am about to describe is normal for the area.

I did watch/listen to the entire video. These cops sound very out of line. I did not see any probable cause for the stop, nor did the officers’ responses give anything that sound like they had cause.

These cops are pitching shit that that makes the rest of the law enforcement community look bad.

I have little reason to think that any real corrective actions will be taken against them. If this video has gone viral, then maybe there will be something that will come of this.

Since when is saying hi to a stranger probable cause to stop, detain, search, threaten, degrade someone?

Abuse of power has to be dealt with, plain and simple.

I picked up on this from the twitter feed of Shonda Rhimes. (love her shows and her feed)


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