Is it really an imposition to ask for…

The Supreme Court has rules that states cannot ask for any more ID that the initial form to register a voter…

They find that it is too much of an imposition to ask that there be more enforcement than a simple check-box to have the signer note that they are a citizen unless penalty of perjury.

Is it really?

In most states I have to present local ID to pay by check.

In some states to use an ATM card, one must present legal ID.

To get a library card, one must normally present legal ID.

To cash a paycheck, one must present ID.


The law requires that a person voting for a federal candidate, they must be a citizen, but we will just take their word for it.

Why is it too intrusive? We are not talking about a poll tax as the cost for a state issued ID is minimal. Shit, make it free if they can show financial hardship!


All state issued ID’s should require proof of citizenship.

The other night I had my first person with a Tribal ID card. You bet I took it, as it is LEGAL ID, and it was not expired.

If I am presented with a  Marticula Consular card, I will not admit that person to the bar. If my employer wants to permit it, that is fine and I will submit my two weeks notice on the spot. (My day job requires e-verify so I am covered there)


We have laws that have served us well with common sense for ages. Yes, we have had crap laws (and still do) that were stricken as they were discriminatory or contrary to the Constitution or Bill of Rights. This is not one of those situations.

It is high time that the states start asserting their rights and opt out of assisting the federal government with various areas within their authority until the feds re-discover the fact that they are not the end all, be all of our country’s well being.


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  1. "All state issued ID’s should require proof of citizenship."

    That's part of the problem, they don't. Illegals have no problem getting state IDs and drivers licenses, and once they have that most places don't question their citizenship and they can get anything else they want. Hell, the school system has let people register their kids with only a drivers license and a utility bill as proof of address, no birth certificate or proof of citizenship.

    Of course, with Obama in, birth certificates are going to be illegal soon anyway.

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