Syria agrees to turn over chemical weapons


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this deal, as I understand it. But why should we, or Russia, expect or insist that other sovereign nations relinquish their most powerful weapons of war when we hold onto our nuclear arsenal as though we are the worlds conscience? Chemicals weapons are no more destructive, and in many ways less, than nuclear warheads. Chemical weapons are cheaper and easier to produce, which can serve to put smaller countries like Syria on equal grounds with larger countries if war was to break out, is that why we want them disarmed, so we continue to have the biggest stick? Although I think disarmament is a good way to go, this seems like two bullies on the playground threatening an up and coming playmate if he dares to try to fight back. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Syria agrees to turn over chemical weapons”

  1. This is the best thing that could happen, let Putin handle it. It's his baby now. If it succeeds or fails, it's on him.

    Putin….."Assad may be a bastard, but he's MY bastard." aka John F.K.

    Whether or not the idea cam from O, Kerry, or Putin, it is a gift to the US. We need to stay the heck out of there.

    1. I was wanting to do something in Syria, but admittedly I have not educated myself enough on this issue.I have poked it with a stick a bit, but not to the level that I would feel okay with taking an educated stance.

    2. I agree that we are better off, but my point was, why should one nation be told that they can't have weapons, while other nations are allowed to have as bad if not worse weapons?

      1. This is something I have changed my mind over. I do not believe that we should be policing what other people have or have not. Whether we act or not, one thing is always going to be true. That is that these people are going to kill each other.

        1. That still doesn't answer the question, why should they be asked/required to hand over their weapons to international hands, unless all the other countries, including us, are to do the same?

  2. I guess now we're in a holding pattern. What will Obama do? He seems to WANT to engage in a missile strike, but he is smart enough to know that while there is any chance of a diplomatic solution he can't push the move any farther. If he has the evidence he claims, that proves that Assad ordered the attack, why won't he release it and erase any doubt? What does this president have against releasing information to back up his claims? He ran on a campaign of creating the most transparent government in history, but he hides or lies about more information than any other president.

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