Potential change to our commenting.

Over the next day or two, I will be going over the Livefyre platform again.

It did not lose out by much when compared to IntenseDebate.

Now that the site is integrated with Twitter and Facebook, it would make more sense to look at Livefyre again.


pros, cons?

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6 Responses to Potential change to our commenting.

  1. Griz says:

    Let’s see how this goes… I can turn the old commenting on if we need to.

  2. Here is Livefyre.  See how you like it.
    We may be keeping it. I have sent the comment database for importing, so the comments should appear before long.

  3. i am also shopping for a new theme for the page. things feel too dark. keep you eyes out for a new banner picture for the top.

  4. EyesOpen1 says:

    Con #1 I don’t have an account with them, booooo! 
    Con #2 the font is smaller and has less of a contrast, but I’m sure that is something that is just as fixable as the first one I posted.

    • Griz says:

      That was an old post…I put it back to IntenseDebate with no plans on changing it in the near future.I may still do some theme changes, as I am not thrilled with how bland this is. It IS better for mobile users though.

  5. EyesOpen1 I am checking the settings to see if I can adjust them.

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