Dog the Bounty Hunter, the latest threat against Snowden

Dog the Bounty Hunter has sworn to bring Snowden back to American, though what ever illegal means he can find.

And just who has offered a billion dollar reward for his return? The government isn’t allowed to hire mercenaries or brake international law in pursuit of the accused, so who is backing this?

8 thoughts on “Dog the Bounty Hunter, the latest threat against Snowden”

  1. Personally, not only do I hope Duane fails, I hope he fails so miserably that we never have to see him or his grotesquely disproportionate wife again. I don't know if they still have Siberian gulags, but if they do, it would be a good place for them.

    And for the writer of the original article, the KGB has been gone for 22 years, so it's not likely they are the ones protecting Snowden.

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