IRS claims it can read your e-mail without a warrant

Anyone for a forth amendment discussion? Does, or should, the government have the right to peruse individual’s e-mail accounts, and chat history, without cause or a warrant?

If they are allowed to continue this practice, how long before corporations are given the same “rights”?


By, Eyes_Open

8 thoughts on “IRS claims it can read your e-mail without a warrant”

  1. Based on what I have been reading it seems that the IRS is do for an "extreme make-over." It takes a really bad incident to happen to get any necessary thing done in this country. We are always reactive instead of proactive.

    It is time for a flat tax and a giant reduction of the IRS.

    1. Screw flat tax, it is only good as a stepping stone to the final product of a fair tax, A.K.A. a consumption tax A.K.A. federal sales tax. Then at least 95% of the IRS could be dismantled, possibly all depending on how the fair tax was designed to be regulated. A straight forward tax on all products AND services, 27%. Seems steep, but in reality it isn't, especially when you realize that would do away with 34%+ of payroll taxes, and fuel taxes. Land tax would really be the only other tax remaining, I'm still working on a reasonable reduction for that one.

      1. I could support a consumption tax. I have considered that as a viable option too. Just about anything would be better than the corrupt system we have now.

        1. Looks like only one, but what the heck, let's make a hysteria over it, lol. Wickipedia is a database that is open to anyone to edit, so it really means nothing anyway.

          P.S. I love it when people call it a "Pagan Movement" like pagans haven't been around 10 or 15 thousand years before the first monotheist tried to deny the true nature of the world.

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