Armed Survivors

I’m adding this little areas to the deck for stories of cases where firearms saved lives, or ended an otherwise bad situation. The general media has little time to report on such incidents, because they don’t bring in the ratings or aren’t within the political beliefs of the editor/owners of the network, so I thought we could post the stories we find in small town papers for balance.

By Eyes_Open

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  1. Are you going to make me digest that into a more press worthy article? It appears to be worthwhile. When we get done with discussing my last post a bit more, I will be moving onto the 2nd Amendment. I was hoping for a more lively discussion with which to build a foundation.

    1. Sorry, I just had so many articles built up on firearms saving the day that I thought I would post them here for others. Perhaps this post would fit better under Admiral Benbow Inn with the flame room and the such.

    1. I believe for it to be considered terrorism there has to be an attached "cause". Whether it be political, religious, or whatever. Now the question is, "what makes them think it isn't part of a larger group with a cause?", seeing that they haven't caught any of the suspects.

      It doesn't fit the profile of the usual terrorist attack, but what is really usual about terrorist?

        1. Merely to terrorize isn't a cause, it's a desire.

          Group affiliation isn't a requirement, but you have to admit it is more likely with the terrorist we see today.

    2. Oh, and your post is COMPLETELY off topic. It belongs in the flame room, there is nothing about this story that shows a "good guy" with a firearm, only the bad guys that aren't going to give them up anyway.

    3. An elderly man had a massive stroke and the family drove him to the emergency room. After a while the ER doctor appeared wearing a long face. "I'm afraid your Grandpa is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating."

      "Oh, Dear God," Grandma cried in terror , "We've never had a liberal in the family before!"

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