Pearl Harbor Day –

I know that most of us are younger in relation to the WWII vets…

Please take a moment or two to think and reflect on those who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor as well as those that were there but survived. There are not that many of them left.

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  1. An anonymous person put this inscription on my Grandfathers's tombstone several years back.

    "On Behalf of a Grateful nation, thank you."

    He parachuted in the dark behind the German lines on June 6th at Normandy. After that, he never got on another airplane.

    1. At Fort Benning in a hangar on the airfied there is a display of wine glasses from the first class of Airborne troopers. As they pass away their wine glasses are turned upside down. There were few left upright in 1988-1989, I suspect that by now they are all upside down.

        1. The "newer" generation might surprise you, they just haven't had the necessary motivation or call to "duty" to show what they are capable of doing. The government and the administrations of late have made it difficult for anyone to get behind a good rallying point, because they are too indecisive. Many people can be outstanding when they are properly lead, few can properly lead. And the political system we have now has been corrupted to the point that it holds down anyone that shows good leadership ability.

          1. I think I would agree with you here. “And the political system we have now has been corrupted to the point that it holds down anyone that shows good leadership ability. “ And the political system we have now has been corrupted to the point that it promotes those who should be in jail, Eric Holder.

            1. The Political system in America has degenerated from what it once was.Instead of being led by the smartest ,and brightest we are at the mercy of the richest,and dumbest wankers in the history of this land.Their should be some kind of IQ test you should have to take before you are allowed to run for any office.Even a fifth grader knows simple math,history,science,and has a grasp of economics.I don't think the average Congressmen is smarter than a Fifth grader.You can tell from the state of the union F- grade to be repeated.

              1. Agreed, I think I was in the second grade when we learned there are 50 states, not 57 as our president belied.

                I think tern limits on all the elected officials would help. If the rich are the top 1%, and each position (senator and representative) is limited to two terms, we should run through the lot of them sooner or later and then get somebody in there that wants to make a change. OK, that is probably just a pipe dream. Maybe do it like England, and the way our congress was suppose to be. Set a cutoff amount, say $250,000 per year gross income and $1 million in total worth, if you are above that you can run for senate, but you have to be below that to run for representative. (English House of Lords and House of Commons style)

    1. Actually they have the third largest economy, behind the USA and China. And because we provide all of their military defenses, they haven't had to spend anything on military since 1960, that frees up a lot of money to build an economy.

      As to the world market, that is subjective because of the enormity and diversity, but they are still ahead in electronic and third in automotive.

    2. They would not do too well should China decide to get rid of them with a few missiles.

      Those two countries have a very long history of not being able to get along. We are a vested ally of Japan. If they are ever hit, we will be instantly drawn into whatever happens to them. Funny how the world changes, huh?

      1. Yep, firefly….. WW3 with the only remaining superpowers being the USA and China, who become allies to suppress the rest of the world and control everything right down to what you are allowed to think.

        BROWN COATS RALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. News flash, it's not fake.

        I don't care if people think I'm a nut or not. I have been doing research on this for years now. I still think it's funny. I am an UFO agnostic. I will be convinced the moment I see one with my own eyes.

        There's a reason we stopped going to the moon.

        There is an endless supply of cheese up there and we are ignoring it.

        1. I never said it was fake, but I still think your nuts for a whole bunch of different reasons….

          There are billions of galaxies in the universe, each with billions of stars. If one in a million have a planet that can support life, and only one in a million of those has life, and only one in a million of those has intelligent life, that still leaves millions of planets with life. To think that we are the only ones in the universe is the pinnacle of egotism.

          1. I started leaning toward these being real the day my son saw two F-15 fighter jets chasing one of these over Stephenville, TX a few years back.

            The military denied any such thing happened. There were a whole lot of people down here who watched that "not happen."

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