Paranoia May Destroy Ya!

How is it that we have become so paranoid that the word surprise has to take on a negative connotation?

Obviously the situations in Connecticut, and Oregon have people concerned, and things like the Patriot Act show us what we do when we do not act carefully in stressful situations.

We have a boy in Georgia who was going to surprise his classmates and in response he got suspended.

He had let a teacher know of his plans to come dressed as Santa Claus, so I find the school’s reaction to be inappropriate.

Principle Mike Campbell, shame the fuck on you! I thought that our school leaders were supposed to be level headed, not empty headed and reactionary.

19 thoughts on “Paranoia May Destroy Ya!”

  1. This kind of stuff is so absurd. I suppose Secret Santa's out next year too, someone might smuggle a peanut within a mile of someone that's allergic.

    (I know peanut allergies are severe and very real, but work with me here.)

  2. This kind of thing is not quite what our founding fathers "thought up" I think. We might as well get rid of valentine's day too, someone might not get a VD card and get their feelings hurt, can't have that you know.

  3. This is fricken ridiculous!

    I guess if the "threat" didn't get him, the beard "disguising" his face would have made him "dangerous" to have on campus. They pulled that one at my kids elementary school this year for Halloween, they could dress up but no mask or face painting because it would disguise the student and allow them to get away with terrible things. What BS!

    1. Nope, my defense is the fact that I can make a 300 meter kill shot with my SKS assault rifle, with the iron sights, on a deer, and the gun cost me $89 brand new back in 1990 when I bought it, and the ammo is still less than $1 per shot. It works just as good (if not better) when it is dirty or been dropped in the mud as it does when clean. A $1600 "deer" rifle must be kept pristine in order to maintain its accuracy, and to make a shot at that distance you are required to have a scope because the iron sights (if it even has them) are not adjustable for distance. And the rounds (bullets) are generally much more expensive.

      Also, what is the big deal over semi-automatic weapons. Full-autos are already illegal unless you have a special license, which are almost impossible to get for the average citizen. And many "sport" rifles are semi-auto just like the military ones. Even if they weren't you can fire a bolt action just as fast as a semi-auto with a little bit of practice so they don't make a difference in speed. And a pump shotgun can be fired just as quickly as well and it has a spread pattern so you can get multiple targets at once in a crowd, making them more effective in a true massacre than even a fully automatic weapon.

      1. Correct again sir, you are on a roll. The average deer rifle packs much more fire power than one of these ARs. Also, even people in law enforcement can't get a license for the automatic weapons unless they have specific permission and are assigned to a duty that requires one of these. Those are very few and far between.

        This crap about making things safe with gun control on military style weapons is only a veiled measure to incrementally begin to ban all fire arms. You cannot get them banned all at once, you must do it a small piece at a time. That's the plan and they have begun to implement it.

          1. Sure it will. Being a good shot does help a bit too.Have you ever shot an AK47? I have never fire either the AR or the AK. I would love to just to see what all the fuss is over. Sometimes our company has shooting weekend where they all train at the general’s ranch. I have always been busy when that weekend has come up. This year I am going to make a point to be there. They have all the goodies there and it is supposed to be a blast. Last year they fired over 10,000 rounds between five of them. It was a pile of brass you wouldn’t believe.

              1. The AK would be in my price range right now, but I might go for an AR. Love to have both. I will have to wait on the Mrs to go on another one of her jewelry buying sprees to get either of these. We have a deal, I don't complain about her jewelry and she doesn't about my gun collection.

                Down here 3 months ago you could buy an AR for about $650 and now they are up to $1,800 if you can even find one. Lord knows what will happen down here if the boys in Washington try to take the Texas guns away.

                I am going into hiding if that happens. Also, the boys in the military at an overwhelming majority want their firearms left at home. Who then will do the taking? I also know a whole of police who not not in favor of a ban. This might get ugly if they don't calm down the paranoia.

                1. I will send you an email on where I purchased mine. Pretty sure they ship off to other states. The guy who built my AR use to work at the Rock Island Arsenal building weapons and now has his own shop. He built it right in front of me and I took it home.

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