Nullification Lives On

The Michigan House of Representatives unanimously voted in favor of House bill 5768. A bill which states that no state employee can assist in any way with the federal government carrying out actions pursuant to section 1021 of the national defense authorization act. An act which authorizes the federal government to detain indefinitely and without cause anyone. The 2012 NDAA reeks of McCarty era politics, now states are standing up and saying NO we are not going back to that dark time.

Should the federal government be allowed to bypass all due process in pursuit of their assumed enemy?

Are the states right to fight back against this act that would give the federal government absolute authority in detaining citizens?

22 thoughts on “Nullification Lives On”

  1. Here is something that should become very interesting. When it was apparent that the US would attack Iraq for the second time, several very long military transport convoys were tracked going into Syria. No one admitted then or now, that these contained the missing WMDs that Bush and his homies started the war over. Everyone still says that they never existed. We are about to see if they are real or not. I hope NOT. But if this happens, then Bush was right.

    1. Yes, I remember one reported ran the story live, showing the transports leaving Iran, with the question of "what would require so many trucks?" and "what was being rushed out of the country?". He was in his late 20s I think. His career ended that day, he was never allowed to be in front of the cameras again.

    1. There are a lot of Muslims everywhere. And the bill is mirrored in many states, this is just the latest one to pass. And the fact that it passed with a unanimous vote sends a message to the federal government.

      Other nullification initiatives:

      Nullification is being used to counter several unconstitutional federal acts, the states have had enough and are taking their rights back.

  2. Why are so many Muslims in Dear Born?The same reason any other ethnic,cultural,religious,or life style group congregates.A small group establishes a beachhead,and it attracts others,and they over time grow in numbers forming an enclave community like China town,Miami for Cubans,New York for Puerto Ricans,Frisco for gays,Washington DC for Dumb asses,Tampa otherwise known as Gods waiting room for old people,and so forth.Sorry no conspiracy just human nature.

    1. generally yes, but specifically, sbj, certain groups go to certain places at certain times… and invariably its owed to jobs.

      Dearborn has had a base of middle eastern people – both Islamic and otherwise, for over 100 years. Much like black southerner migration to northern parts such as Gary Indiana, Detroit, Chicago, or like Northern European and Eastern European migrations to similar areas and even further into the Northern Midwest… well, just look and how those regions were developing economically in the early to middle parts of the 20th century. Those decades saw so much expansion and industrialization. So that is certainly part of the catalyst.

      Following that…, certainly in the case of Dearborn, as you say "A small group establishes a beachhead,and it attracts others,and they over time grow in numbers forming an enclave community"…absolutely.

  3. That comment was suppose to go to Coggy.As far as House bill 5768 it is completely unconstitutional to hold anyone without due process under the law,and no amount of argument for it can justify this outrage against the people of the United States.Today they come for Muslims tomorrow they may come for you.The government,and our leaders are suppose to uphold,and defend the Constitution.Not undermine,and circumvent it.

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