First Annual Pissed Off Pirate Dead/Death Pool

Okay, lets play a (morbid) game.

I have always been interested in the dead pool, but have never officially participated.

For those who are not familiar with it, we will submit list of celebrities that we expect to pass away during 2013.

Each person that passes is worth 100 points minus their age at the time of their passing.  So if you chose Kirk Douglas, who is 96 would only be worth four points.

So, before make your list of ten individuals and email it to: (oh and please provide your facebook name or Intense Debate name so I am can track of who is winning.)

I need them before the the stroke of midnight on new years eve. (Pacific Time)

If I am able to put together a prize more multiple prizes then I will update this posting. (Since we are doing this for free, don’t expect cash. maybe in future years we may to a dollar or two ante if the group agrees)

Back to the gun issue again

The gun issue is hitting the surface again…

Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., offered an agreement to set up consideration of a set of amendments, including a Coburn proposal to make it more difficult to keep veterans from owning guns. Schumer objected when he learned the amendment was in the queue.


Really?  We are going to mess with vets and their ability to have firearms? Over my dead body…

I will find another topic for tomorrow.