“Citizen’s Petition to Secede from th United States”

I try to level my “conspiracy theorist” mentality with a good dose of rational thinking, so understand that I write this out of true concern.

There is a lot going around about the “citizen’s petitions for secession from the United States”, two dozen states have citizens doing this right now. First, citizens can’t do this, it requires a proclamation from the State, so sending this to the federal government does no good, petition you state representatives. Second, I believe this is a bigger risk than most of you realize, that is what I’m here to explain.

I looked into the site last night, it is completely legit as far as to what it claims to be, but that is the problem. It is a site set up by the Obama administration to field “complaints” about his administration. A petition isn’t even viewable by the public until it has 1000 signatures, after that you have the remainder of 30 days from the original creation to get 25,000 signatures or it is scrubbed from the system automatically. At 25,000 signatures, it red flags a government worker to look into it. So far it sounds innocent enough. Now for the bad part. In a case like this, signing would make you, in the eyes of the administration, and enemy of the state. In order to “sign” the petition you must register with the (government) site, required information being your name, e-mail, and address. Now you have just posted, on a federal website, your complete identity and location and that you are an enemy to the state. You have just but yourself on the federal watch list!

When the “fit hits the shan” who’s houses do you think will be the first hit, and who’s guns do you think will be the first seized? If you have signed this petition for you state already, I would suggest you keep one good rifle close and hide the rest somewhere safe and away from your property. If you haven’t signed one, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T!

The proper course is to write or petition your state representatives, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

One last thought, WHERE IS UNCLE TED?!

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  1. hmmm .. Interesting idea, and 'process'
    And, additionally interesting, are the 'petition requests' in the 'opposing' direction.

    "Deport everyone who signs a petition to withdraw their state from the USA"
    "Strip the citizenship from everyone who signed a petition to Secede, and exile them"

    Actually, I was previously unfamiliar with this website approach to petitioning the government .. and, Being a computer/internet geek, I kinda like the idea .. 'tho, your concerns about this 'Secession' matter are definitely Not to be taken lightly – And, I imagine that 'the powers that be won't be taking it lightly either .. Hence, I think I will refrain from 'signing' onto this matter – at least not at this time .. heh!.

  2. What a bunch of WLP's …. didn't get their way… so waaaa… What they need to do is look at themselves and their party and really see what the rest of us see… the extremists need to back off. Just shows their true color… YELLOW!!!

    1. I checked the R101 list for WLP as well as a google search…

      I didn't find anything that applied, I did however find one for:

      While amusing I dd not think it applied either.

    2. coexisting can be painful sometimes.

      "It's getting harder and harder for me. I was at Trader Joe's, and I was glaring at everyone around me," says Keli Carender, 33, co-organizer of the local group.[At a local Trader Joe's grocery…]
      "I kept thinking I was surrounded by people who are destroying freedom,"says Carender. "It's starting to make me angry, not wanting to be around these people."


    1. Sorry, that is a pretty complex business decision. While I would like to see more businesses provide insurance, I really can't shitlist one for not providing insurance. Pappa John's sucks enough as it is.

    2. Almost every retail organization I know of has cut employee hours, to less than 30 a week, since the election. All giving the same reason, the cost of Obamacare will more than double their cost of providing insurance to full time employees, so they have gone to only having part time employees. As long as the job market stays in the toilet there isn't much that can be done about it, and it is a necessary business move, even if it isn't popular. If/When the job market recovers they may be forced to extend employee hours due to lack of help, but by then the economy will also have improved to the point they might be able to ride the extra cost without going bankrupt. And it's not just national chains, all the local mom & pop stores around my area are having to do the same thing just to stay in business. Adding extra burden to companies during an already terrible economy just doesn't make since.

      1. My thing is that he is willing to give a million pizzas away but not insure the people that are the foundation of his business… Burgerville (local fast food joint here) supplies insurance for all employees (25hrs or more a week) before the recession, during and after all the Obamacare stuff….They didn't cut anyone's hours… They are a thriving business that is local and privately owned.

        These companies "knee jerk" react just shows that they don't care… they will be (if not already) the companies with the highest turn over, lowest employee morale and it will be very difficult for them to attract and retain quality staff.

        1. Question: As a local burger joint, how many employees does Burgerville employ?

          If the answer is 50 or less, then they are unaffected by the regulations that are being put in place. They won't see a rise in insurance cost from the healthcare mandate. So it makes since that their policies wouldn't change, unlike larger companies with more employees. The worst thing is, the more employees you have the worse it will effect your bottom line. So the big companies that people used to go to for employment because they could offer the best benefits are the ones that will suffer the most and have to lay off or shorten hours for their employees, or raise the price of their products.

          Yes they could take a hit in the bottom line, but that isn't really what capitalism is about is it? And as far as the publicly traded companies, they have a legal responsibility to their shareholders the make a profit and could be sued if they don't pass the added expense to either their employees, in the form of fewer hours, or their customers, in the form of higher priced goods.

          You see, it's not as cut and dry as many people would like it to be. The "mean ol' corporation" isn't always the ones who don't care, government does a really good job of not caring about the citizens when they get into their partizen tug-of-war and forget what their suppose to be their for.

          1. Burgerville has 38 locations and employs about 1500 people … and they are a profitable, debt free, stable company and have a low turnover and higher productivity than their counterparts… according to what I have seen they will not get any fines because they meet the qualifications under the plan http://healthreform.kff.org/the-basics/employer-p
            Because they can do quality hiring and retain them longer they are more productive and turn more profit for the company. New employees cost a company way more money (errors, productivity, training, loss of business because of poor service..) When the time comes to either expand (yes they did and opened a new location this year) they had a large pool to choose from because they attract quality workers.

            Of the things that I have read and looked at… the employer has to offer healthcare … I worked for a company that had healthcare but because I was 'classed' as part time even though I worked average 37 hours a week I didn't qualify for enrolling in their insurance and went without… I even ended up in the hospital for 9 days while working there.. That bill came to 50k… If I had insurance I would of gone in WAY sooner and my condition wouldn't of got to the point where I needed surgery. They lost an employee for three months and it cost them more in the long run (pay overtime to cover shifts, train others to do my job, lower quality in service..) That is the thing… if your employees can take care of themselves they will take care of your business.

            It is cut and dry… offer insurance to your employees… if a medium size business can do it without penalty and be profitable.. so can papa john's… btw… if you look at it, his million pizzas at cost lets say $2 dollars a pizza would pay for all his employees… my point was that he is bitching because he cant 'afford' it but then gives away 2 million dollars of product (that doesn't even include the labor to make). My point is these companies can still be profitable and even meet their shareholders demands of profit, they just need to rethink where they spend their money…

      1. You are reading the Moonie newspaper?I see the rhetoric, but have not seen any of the effects first hand yet. None of those around me are talking about their own experiences ending up like that.My employer is actually giving me the best insurance coverage that I have ever had. The only change is that unlike five years ago when it was free for the employee’s coverage, I now have to pay a bit for it.I won’t find out until July about any changes to the plan or its premiums.

        1. I read them all, sometime just for the comic relief. I try to look on all side of an issue before setting my stakes. My company is being effected, we have seen a number of lay-offs this past year, a rise in our insurance rates, and no pay raises or bonuses for the employees that remain just to keep the company from closing up. We are a medium size company with one sister company under the same ownership. Most of us are losing money every day, but we have to have a job. This month we started a rolling "mandatory" time off, which you can use your personal time or take without pay if you don't have personal time, but most department are required to have people take up to a month at a time off. That is a scary thought when you have two little ones to support.

      1. Ooo, I love Papa Johns, second best pizza place around here, national chain wise, Pizza Hut is better but their take out doesn't deliver. We do have a few locally owned and operated pizzerias that are much better, but again no delivery and they are much more expensive. Chic-fil-a has never been on top of my list, except for their ice cream. Besides, usually I eat out on Sundays, and they are closed, so couldn't eat their if I wanted to.

        1. I appreciate things vary regionally, but having lived in both California and Michigan, and traveled to probably at least half the states in our land… I have a very dim view of Pizza Hut. They are in a three way tie with Dominoes and Little Skeasers for most disgusting pizza.

          And they are owned by Pepsico, which basically means they are in league with Satan himself.

          On the other hand, here in the Bay Area, we have a Chicago style Pizza by way of Zachary's, which – besides being better than any pizza I've had in Chicago… has wonderful and progressive values and treatment of their employees.

          1. I'm surprised to here your feelings about pepsico, considering they are one of the more prolific donators to many liberal causes.

            I would be interested to hear you thoughts on this.

            1. If they want to make this liberal happy, they have just one thing to do:
              No more HFCS.

              I will cast a benevolent eye upon every Kentacohut I ever see again… if they just do right by human society and walk away from the evil experiment that we know HFCS to be.

              1. You are aware, I assume, that Coca Cola is starting to turn away from the HFCS, back to real cane sugar. They are a very conservative company, that supports many conservative causes, but not like the ones supported by Chic-fil-a, the causes to protect American freedoms and individual rights.

                  1. ROFLMAO….

                    I don't know that it had anything to do with "liberal drum beating", but must defiantly market forces. I don't know anyone, liberal, conservative, middle-of-the-road, or apathetic, that prefers corn syrup to cane sugar.

                    Which begs the final question, when IS your liberal pepsico going to follow suit and bow to the peoples preference, instead of the government's subsidies?


                    1. So, your saying the MSM is actually a liberal proxy and in no way actually main stream?

                      AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH RED DYE #5?

                    2. Of course you would think that, you are a liberal, you think that everyone that doesn't agree with you is "on the fringe". LOL

                      Good try, but nobody is buying it. Media is bias, plain and simple.

                    3. Nope, the conservatively extreme right is just as far of the center as the liberal extreme left. Unfortunately, both major parties are overwhelmed with the extremist, neither is even close to center.

                    4. says you…

                      Where are your facts to back that one up? From what I see in my travels, which are fairly extensive east of the Mississippi and the gulf states, the average American, both voters and non-voters, are more middle of the road. Both the people you mentioned are figure heads for the extremes of both parties. Very few REAL Americans resemble either of them.

                1. Here is an interesting tid bit for you about Pesico. I have built seven projects for them. If they catch you on their campus with any of the coca cola products in your possession you are escorted off the premises and kicked off their projects permanently. I had to switch from diet coke to diet Pepsi. I have also built a coca cola project. They have no such rules. I got a letter of commendation from coke. I didn't get the time of day from pepsi. I put in one of the most complex solar engery systems I have ever done at the Pepsi campus along with a geo-thermal engery system.

                    1. Come on now, RM. Don't take it personally. But seriously. I think America prides itself a bit too much in companies like this that are obviously hugely successful and have uber brand recognition and market dominance… but to what end?

                      How many obese people are out there waddling around thanks to our culture's lack of caution as we collectively suck down so much liquid candy??

                    2. Guilty, though I am not to the waddling stage.I have one 28-30 ounce coffee in the morning (almost only on work days), then one or two sodas per day… two of my bad habits.

                    3. yeah, and for all of my holier than tho spouting, I completely admit the same…

                      * I drink too much coffee.
                      * I regularly have sodas.

                      Now, over the years, trying to get the weight down… I now use splenda to sweeten my coffee and only have diet soda. But that's just a trade off… I will surely live to regret this once we eventually appreciate all of the drain bramage incurred due to the weird mystery chemicals in sugar substitutes that PepsiCo and Coke remain mum about.

                    4. I don't take things said on a internet site personally Coggy. But, just call me Fatso and I'll sit on you and squash you like a bug.

            1. Here it is Pizza Hut for dine in, Little Caesars for take-out, and Papa Johns for delivery. The brand of pizza we get depends on the method of acquiring it we choose for the evening, LOL. They are all pretty good here, the biggest difference, besides acquiring it, is what side items they offer.

          1. We don't have a $10.00 pizza deal here, but they are a franchise business model, so each one is a little different. We have one near me with great pizza and a lunch buffet, in the next town over they have no buffet and crappy pizza.

  3. Those that sign the petitions should be mailed the nice little form that allows them to renounce their citizenship so that they can quite nicely and quietly get the FUCK out of the United States of America. Not to mention the fact that state have not been able to secede since the Civil War prompted a constitutional amendment prohibiting it,.

    1. Problem is, how are they going to track down all the people that "renounce" their citizenship? Heck they can't even kick out the people that are already here illegally! And they have rallies of several hundred to several thousand at a time and the feds still can't seem to gather them all up and deport them. At the extreme we are looking at another Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas, but I doubt it will ever really go that far. After every election I can remember their has always been some group throw down the "we will secede" flag, whether it be democrat or republican, the only difference is this time the government had a web page for them to post it on, which made more for easier national news headlines.

      1. I only remember that being the case after the last two… perhaps I was not looking in the right places.I do remember the “I will be going to Canada” for the last four Democrat wins… Some days  I tire of the idle threats.

  4. Bobby Jindal said "The republican party needs to stop being the party of STUPID." Well there go's most of the parties base.Once the GOP climbed into bed with the religious far right loons they began to split spawning the bastard children of the Tea party.They need to return to fiscal responsibility,defense,and secular governing of the people.The Senate,the House,the white House should be ruled from a Podium not the Pulpit.And stop coming across as lap dogs of the Pluto-crates,Country club elites,and the Corporate puppets of big business.When you lose the support of the common people you lose everything.Adapt,and evolve or go extinct.That's right conservative don't believe in evolution.That's a shame.When did the term Moderate Republican become a slur?

    1. Well said! Even though I tend to lean to the left there are some conservative beliefs I have (I believe the right to have guns) but I am not going to put a person who is going to put their faith's beliefs above my rights and a person who has never had to make such drastic financial decisions like… "can I go on less diapers (hope to make it to next payday) so I can replace my kid's shoes because one broke?"… Or had to dip into the Christmas fund to fix an unplanned car repair…

      1. The party has moved so far to the right they're wrong.The average American dose not elect people to help the ultra wealthy get more toys,and car elevators for their homes.We want security both economic,and militarily.Trickle down does not work.Been there done that.They need to find a real solution,or get out of the way.

        1. Clever play on words Mr. 64.

          I expect it will have to get a whole worse before people will give up their extreme views. I am a conservative, however, I am also practical. I will get behind whatever really works, we have to be brought out of this malaze. We are heading for another recession right now.

          Coggy, if you want my guns, come and take them.

  5. Weds. morning, after the election was very interesting down here in Texas. The foolishness of people amazes me sometimes. What difference would it really make if Texas pulled out of the union? None at all, the problems would all still remain.

    I am willing to give Mr. O a chance to fix this. I have no choice now. I hop[e he succeeds. Taxing me will not solve the problem, I don't have that much, some odd trillions of dollars.

      1. "Uncle?" If that is what makes peace then fine. I don't think it will. Just look at Hostess, the unions wouldn't bend an inch to help out the source of their income. Hostess liquidates and now they have no jobs. You can bet that the owners of the now gone away Hostess are sitting pretty with great big nest eggs. Everyone else, go pound sand somewhere.

        I did the same thing a while back. I could care less what goes on in Washington. Uncle, Uncle, big deal.

              1. Ok, you win, I will freely give you the point that the business was miss-managed. The reality of it is that on Monday morning we will have 18,500 new people show up at the unemployment line.

                Their one chance to stop this happened yesterday when as a group they chose not to show up for work. We all have to live with our decisions in life.

    1. Tis your right not to buy it. But, the truth is still the truth no matter who's mouth it comes out of.

      I looked to the numbers they were adding up. I can't see anything wrong with them. Please point out where they are wrong. It would be a relief for me.

  6. The Progressive Case for supporting the Secessionists:

    And so a large number of patriotic Americans, mostly from states won by Mitt Romney last week, have petitioned the White House to let them secede. They should be careful about what they wish for. It would be excellent financial news for those of us left behind if Obama were to grant a number of the rebel states their wish "to withdraw from the United States and create (their) own NEW government" (the petitions emphasize "new" by capitalizing it).

    Red states receive, on average, far more from the federal government in expenditures than they pay in taxes. The balance is the opposite in blue states. The secession petitions, therefore, give the opportunity to create what would be, in a fiscal sense, a far more perfect union.

    Among those states with large numbers of petitioners asking out: Louisiana (more than 28,000 signatures at midday Tuesday), which gets about $1.45 in federal largess for every $1 it pays in taxes; Alabama (more than 20,000 signatures), which takes $1.71 for every $1 it puts in; South Carolina (26,000), which takes $1.38 for its dollar; and Missouri (22,000), which takes $1.29 for its dollar.

    Bottom line… good riddance?

    1. “. . . number of patriotic Americans, mostly from states won by Mitt Romney last week, have petitioned the White House to let them secede.”I find the quote that you found and  brought to us to be offensive. It does not shed the best light on the red states, nor the right wing whackos that ignore or are ignorant of the law and Constitution.They are not the type of trash that I served for…As you said, good riddance, but I will not stand by and watch the union break due to what appears to be predominantly racism. It makes me sick.

      1. well, on a serious note, I'm not remotely concerned about secession. true, big things often have small beginnings, but… we're just no were near anything significant. So please, take heart. The Union is strong.

        I just relish the occasion to make under-appreciated points such as the above.

    1. I had a discussion with a coworker last night on the topic. She was mentioning the concept of nullification instead of seceding.I have to read up on nullification other than juror nullification. I guess I have more reading to do.

      1. That is the big thing, and it is already in effect in several states. Focus on Maine foremost, as they have lead the nullification process with regard to Obamacare. It is also the method that states are using to legalize marijuana. Also called the "Principles of '98".

        Basically, if a state through due process of the state legislature, or even a local government through process of a local referendum, refuse to enforce a federal law, claiming it to be unconstitutional or against the best interest of it's citizens, then the law is effectively nullified in that area. There is nothing the federal government can do about it short of imposing military force to take over the local police or amending the United States Constitution to force compliance. Not the executive branch, the legislature, or the supreme court can over rule nullification and force compliance.

        As I said, many states have already invoked it. And it looks like many more are following in suit.

        1. It is an interesting concept… I don't think that I can support it since the respective states do not have the power to really interpret Constitutionality.The federal government has plenty of tools off enforcement at it's disposal. Since it funds so much of what the states do, it is a stroke of a pen, or collection of pens to press whatever issue is at hand.Why do you think that the drinking age is uniformly 21? Both houses and the President fell to the will of MADD.States that did not want to play nicely had their highway funding threatened.

          1. We all have the power to interpret the Constitution.

            Nullification is a n attempt to re-establish the principles put forth in the 10th amendment, which have been trampled on a great deal in the last 50 years. As you know, it states that any power not specifically given to the federal government by means of the constitution or it's amendments, are reserved for the states. Yes, the federal government is infamous for using blackmail and coercion to get the states to do things it's way, but that doesn't mean that it has legitimate power to enforce laws that shouldn't be made on the federal level.

            Thomas Jefferson and James Madison set forth the theories of nullification and interposition in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions in 1798, so it isn't anything new, it has plenty of precedence over the years. Legalization of marijuana is the most recent and successful example. The federal government used a very loose interpretation of the commerce clause to pronounce cannabis to be illegal, but many states have successfully nullified the law based on the 10th amendment and a proper interpretation of the clause.

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