Why the hype about guns?

Ever since Obama was first elected there has been a ton of hype about how he would take away our guns.

We saw runs on ammo as well as an increase in arms sales.

Why the hype?

Is there any foundation to the hysteria?

I cannot tell you how many times I got an email about how he was banning this or that.

Have you seen any changes in the firearms that have been available? How about accessories?

Didn’t some of the Brady Bill expire under his watch allowing larger magazines to be purchased again?

Temper tantrums anyone?

Has our population been so divided that businesses must resort to petty pansy assed temper tantrums?

Fuck you, even though it is your right to do so… fucking pussy!


Yeah the election is over

So glad to have the election over with.

Now the short lived season of bitching and moaning.


I know that my selections did well, I think I only had one initiative went the other way on me.

I have not taken the time to look at our predictions to see who was nearest. I know I picked the right horse, but not sure if I made my spread.

Speaking of spread, Giggles and I will be putting a couple of bucks on our teams for the super bowl.  (Seahawks and Da Bears respectively)

Election Day is FINALLY here.

Regardless of your political beliefs, I do hope that you go to the polls today and cast your ballot.

Here in Washington, we vote by mail, but like many I am dropping mine in the box today at my nearest polling place.

This election cycle has gone on far too long. I will be glad to see the hate (hopefully) come to an end. There has been far too much of it over the last 18-20 years.

Some polls show a healthy lead for one candidate, and others make it look like we will be in for a rough ride.


At what point is it religious censorship or religious bullying.

Guilford County moms want reading list criteria changed.

I can understand censoring what our children read, even as teenagers. And for schools to require reading of a novel that verges on pornography and is anti-religious…. But claiming that Christians are being bullies in one of the most fundamentalist Christian states in the union is a bit ludicrous, isn’t it?


The union is complete

If you are reading this, then Gigglez and I are married!

There will be more details to follow.


For those that are in the Vancouver/Portland area, you are all welcome to come up to the Back Alley Bar & Grill for the post-reception party, starting at 8pm.

You will find all of the details on our website, VickiandRandy.com.

As pictures become available, I will share them on that site, and maybe some here as well.