WTF Walmart?

Did anyone pick up on the Walmart strike in Ellwood Illinois?
Anonymous picked up on this very quickly (which was how I found it) and ran with the story.
I do not think that I have ever seen this kind of response to a peaceful protest.
When have we aver seen an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) threatened to be used on protesters? This thing looked like it was straight from the National Guard Amory.
The initial reports were saying that the individuals in full on riot gear were Walmart security, but I threw flags at that as many of the force were wearing the “police” patches on their fronts and backs.
There were members of clergy that participated and were arrested for sitting in the street.
We are seeing more union busting from Walmart in the last few years, as more case of them fucking over the little guy comes to light. Not paying for overtime, not paying for hours period, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, safety issues…
It is exposing more and more behavior that we do not want our citizens to have to deal with in the workplace.

At what point will people decide that they have had enough of Walmart and start buying from more socially responible organizations?

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  1. I saw this story as well. Seems a little over kill. But I also read in another article (I'll try to find it when I get a chance) that the picketers were threatening serious violence to anyone that crossed into the work place while they were protesting. I don't know how accurate that article was.

    "At what point will people decide that they have had enough of Walmart and start buying from more socially responsible organizations?"
    When other organizations can match the price and selection that Wal-mart offers. It is sad to say, as I don't support the expansion of urban sprawl that Wal-mart brings with it, but I shop there often. And in the hard economic times that we are in, I will continue to seek out the best deals I can find on the thinks my family and I need. I don't buy groceries there because they don't have the best prices on food, but on other items they often do.

    When times were better I avoided them, but we must survive first. "As a parent I'm not afforded the luxury of principles" – Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson in Patriot)

    Edit – Just as a side note, I understand that these issues are big at the warehouse level, but my sister-in-law has worked at the local store for the last three years (working her way through medical school), and she claims they are one of the best employers she has ever worked for, and she is in her 30s so she's been around.

    1. They arrested members of clergy, who I would not expect to be a violent threat.When we are talking strikes in the warehouse industry, violence is not out the ordinary, but an LRAD? Is the LRAD even legal to use on the public?I know that I shop at Walmart form time to time, but I do try to avoid them when I can. Sometimes it is limitations on funds or suppliers that forces me to the herd. You will NOT find me on the people of walmart page. There are some walmarts that leave me desiring a shower after I come out, because of the population inside.

      1. The clergy they arrested were because they were sitting in the streets and both "impeding the flow of traffic" and "causing a safety hazard" for themselves. When they refused to move onto private property to continue their protest they were arrested. No violence involving the clergy or their arrest as best as I can tell.

    2. That is a good experience for your sister. My son-in-law did not fair so well. I don't know the whole story, but he will not even set foot in a Walmart Store.

      I understand your plight as a parent too. Totally acceptable these days. We all make do. I have a new problem now. Read this article.

      There are twenty head of very hungry cattle on my land right now and I don't know whose they are or where they came from. The fences are intact and my gate is locked up. Maybe they evolved there or space aliens delivered them to me. Last year I had to sell all my cows, no hay available to feed them. They look mighty tasty to me.

      1. I had the same thing happen to me (my grandpa's land) six years ago, when we were in the middle of our big drought. Our pastures are split into three sections so we can cull the hay from one while it is growing on one of the others, and the cattle is grazing on the third. Well, apparently our new neighbor thought we were wasting the field that we were letting grow so he cut the fence and herded about twenty or thirty head onto it. So we picked out the biggest bull and the biggest steer and got up early one morning. By the time he came to "check" on his wayward cattle, those two were in our freezer. He called the cops to have us arrested to killing his cattle. That was dumb, first he had no proof that we butcher HIS cattle, second he got arrested for cutting our fence and trespassing, and stealing "livestock food", then when they asked us where his missing cattle were, we told them they should check the rest of his fences to see if he "misplaced" them on someone else's land. Odd enough, he had cut the fences going to two other peoples land. They dropped all investigation into where the cattle might be and I never heard anymore out of it. I think my grandpa went to court to testify against him for the trespass.

        That was a great year for steaks, lots of steaks…………….

        1. The sheriff offices around here tell you have a great dinner. Or, just load ‘em up. That’s what I will be doing very soon. I have the cattle trailer arranged right now. Just waiting on the wife to finish looking for the perpetrator of the grass theft. He will have a hard time getting them out of there too after this weekend. Changing the gate lock setup. He will have to really cut the fence to get to them.

            1. They were move this week by their owner (the other next door neighbor) who was informed that he got caught from the neighbor we had called. They were all (the cows) standing outside my gate on the sneaky neighbor’s side of the fence. I checked along the fence line and nothing was down, broken or cut. He had to have guessed where the key was hidden and used it. So we now have a lock box on the gate with the key in it and he doesn’t have the combination.

  2. They must have borrowed the LRAD from the Chicago PD, who threatened to use it on a protest against G8/NATO in April '12.
    They were used on protesters in Pittsburgh at the G-20 summit in 2009. That resulted in a lawsuit, from people that claimed permanent hearing loss.

    You know, if I found myself under assault by an LRAD, I think I would take it as an armed assault. I may respond with lethal force or do my best to disable the LRAD. After hearing learning a little more about it, I am opposed to its use on the public.

    I am thinking that I have a great topic for tomorrow (U.S. Army FM 3-19.40) and perhaps the remainder of the week will be dealing with varying facets of disturbing direction by the Government/military.

    1. FM 3-19.40 : (Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations) ?
      I am missing the connection to this topic ??
      … of course, I am only on my 2nd Pot of Coffee .. heh!

      1. Yes, R101, that post will be up tomorrow.Work and pool took too much of my time yesterday to get the post ready, but the framework is well planted in my mind.I have only skimmed over some of that field manual (I think you know that I collect Field Manuals) but so far it is quite provocative.

        1. I never said they wanted the bad guys armed. That is a different subject. Everyone has their own version of happiness. Mine would be a road system with no cars, just Bikes. Hey that would be more fuel efficient! Maybe we should start lobbying for that and I could find my happiness.

  3. I too try to avoid walmart at all costs and their food prices are terrible. Walmart is the last resort for me and the times I do go I am reminded why I don't like going.

    I use to go to walmart for my house supplies (dishwasher soap, laundry soap, TP…) because winco's prices would be way to high (5 dollars more for laundry soap) but now in the last year I noticed that they are either the same price or lower in some cases.

    So I do try to stay away from there as much as possible

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