So sorry for the last of posts.

I am trying to get better with them…

Work has been crazy. they let two people go form my group and restructured the team so I am simply slammed.

Then you add in the events over the next two weeks and all of the preparation.


Just wanted to give you a heads up and the apology.

One thought on “So sorry for the last of posts.”

  1. Mr. Griz, you do what you need to do. No one is going to be upset over the little stuff. This happens to us all.

    They moved me into one awful, stinking, stressful, H-Hole out here. I hate it. But, I now have a whole lot of incentive to finish writing Bull Rider. I now have 17 chapters drafted. My test readers have been begging me for more, so I guess it's pretty good. It's finish it, sell it and get out of here for me.

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