Race for the Cure – Portland Oregon 2012

It is with great pride that I am able to provide communications for the 2012 Race for the Cure in Portland Oregon again.

I think this is my fifth year straight hanging out under the Steel Bridge.

Those of us who have been manning that post call ourselves the Bridge Trolls.


This year the race is being done in reverse. Normally I am near the end of the race, but this year, I am at the third radio position.

We will again have the challenge of stopping the hordes for their own safety when the Amtrack train is pulling in. That is always a tough spot.

I am trying to keep them safe, but they seem to want to push their strollers under the train wheels. I thought they loved their kids. all of this during a non-timed non-qualifier event.  In the early race that is a timed qualifier, we expect that kind of crap.

The shirts that will be seen during the event are often outstanding!

The camaraderie is always great to see.

Many do make the effort to thank us volunteers.  (That always feels good, though they are the ones doing the real work)

If you are on the course, watch for me as you pass under the bridge.



3 thoughts on “Race for the Cure – Portland Oregon 2012”

  1. Just got home.
    Hurrah, it was such a wonderful event.

    I did not see anyone I knew in the crowds this time, but we had police at out checkpoint which was great.
    They held the 8 o;clock race back until after Amtrack passed so it was MUCH easier to work with.
    We also has a RR contruction team that we were able to negotiate with. they finally got onto the rails before the next timed race began. They were going to stop the flow but Portland Police and I were able to get them moving.

    Thanks to all that participated!
    Does motorboating count as a maneuver to save the ta-ta's?

  2. Oh to the lady who had the simultaneous gasp and mini-scream when I opened the door to the port-a-potty…
    The first rule of port-a-potty use, is to lock the door.
    I was not intentionally trying to catch you at a really vulnerable moment.

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