What is it with the NYPD?

Why do they feel that they can yank people from the sidewalk and into the street to arrest them. If they were on the sidewalk peacefully protesting, then leave them be. When they choose to protest in the middle of an intersection without a parade permit, then take action.

Why do they feel that they do not answer to the people?

We expect that the press can do their job observing in a peaceful manner without getting locked up.

The police should not be forming a human wall to prevent coverage by the media as to what is going on. What are they hiding?

The NYPD (or any other police department) does not get to dictate what is news. The press makes that choice. Granted, we often get fluff n stuff, but there are reporters who are trying to find gold in what goes on around us.

I think that the Occupy movement scared the shit out of them (and our federal government) and they were/are doing anything that they can and want to get it quashed.

7 thoughts on “More NYPD BS”

    1. there is a plethora of pages on this now, it wasn't that crowded when I composed the post. will have to wait to check my laptop's cache to see the site that started it all. If I remember correctly I picked up on the story from a twitter feed.

      1. For me, the sign that things are taking a draconian turn is when they go after cellphones and cameras.

        I take it as a given that – like some roughing that happens in football – our Police State Enforcers won't be wearing kid gloves and some glasses will get broken, etc.

        But when they try to cover up or hide their shenanigans – that's when we have to really pay close attention. That's when it gets ugly.

  1. The amount of pull the NYPD has is absolutely retarded. When the NYPD cleared out zucotti park many months ago, the air space over the park was declared a no fly zone and from reports from within the park people with the media were being held back many blocks away unable to see or hear what was going on. Occupy Wallstreet did have people streaming from within the park on their cell phones and the police were mercilessly beating people and dragging them out of the park.

    Through it all, you would think that NYPD would have learned from their mistakes.. ..

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