5th of July should be a holiday

Gogglez had another idea for our country…

If the 4th of July does not fall on a Friday or Saturday, then the 5th of July needs to be a holiday as well.

While we are out showing our patriotism and celebrating the birth of our nation, much of which happens after dark, we end up awake too late.

We need the 5th off to allow us to get the rest that we missed out on due to our revelry or more than likely our neighbors’ revelry.

So here it sit suffering due to even over our window mounted a/c unit acting as a white noise generator, the night sounding like Beirut.  I love the fireworks and for me the bigger the better. I just hate having to get up the next morning. The two stiff fuzzy navels that I had helped me relax a little, but it still took until 1pm before I was ready to put my mask on and call it a night (until 5:40).

11 thoughts on “5th of July should be a holiday”

  1. I hear ya! That is why I took today off and just because it made sense I took tomorrow off too 😀 We were up late last night and between the neighbors and our fireworks it was quite the show.

      1. My step-daughters birthday is the 5th, so we sort of celebrate it anyway, but not with a day off work. That would be nice, but it would go to her head, she would think the whole country was celebrating it for her, lol.

        It could be like Boxing day in the UK.

  2. For the first time in years, we didn't have the big party we normally have, and neither one of us ended up passed out on the bathroom floor! I didn't want to get up at 5am either. I think the battle zone quieted down at about 1:30am this morning. Freaked out our new cat who was not shy about telling us how freaked she was… all night long!

    I did get some good video. It's posted on my FB page.

  3. Ok, completely off topic. Maybe Griz can turn this into a topic about "stupid things politicians do with stupid laws and loopholes" or something.

    Louisiana wanted to be able to fund Christian education in their state without any constitutional entanglements. So the governor and a few congressmen came up with the voucher system where the money would follow the child where ever the parents chose to send them for an education, private or public. The intent, of course, was to fund private Christian schools with state and federal money. How many times is this type of stupid legal twisting of the law going to backfire before they get the message. The articles below are real and will should the complete lack of forethought that went into this bill.

    1. But, with a voucher system parents would have the option of where they send their kids. All private schools are not religion based. Some, like http://www.runnels.org/, are non-sectarian. A voucher system would give parents the option of sending their kids to these schools, too. Plus, a voucher system, although helping private schools with a religious background, would lend itself to competition and the establishment of new private schools that are non-sectarian.

      I think part of the problem is that the public education system is afraid of the competition that they might face. But, that is another thing vouchers could bring…..better public schools because of the competition.

      Just my own opinion, and doesn't necessarily represent your opinion. 🙂

      1. I agree, I think the voucher system is a great idea. What I thought was hilarious was that the politicians that bushed for the system are now against it because THEY didn't realize that not everyone in Louisiana is a Christian, nor are all the private schools. Now they have egg on their face. They can repeal the act and prove that the bill was bias in the first place, or leave it alone and live with the fact that the government will now be supporting ALL religious and secular private schools even if they don't like them.

        1. Voucher systems aren't supposed to be about religious or non-religious schools. I thought they were supposed to be about education and allowing parents to make choices.

          I think we agree on this.

          1. I would love to see the entire education system go to vouchers. Parents should be able to send their kids to the school of their choice as long as the children get the fundamentals. Our public school system is horrible.

          2. We do agree on this, but the Louisiana legislators that put their voucher system in place have made it perfectly clear that for them it was about supporting their choice of religion, not about the education of the children involved.

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