Best Actress

So yesterday we talked about the best actor.

Today it is tit for tat, who is your favorite actress. Now, we are talking skills, it is not a beauty contest.

At or near the top of my list is Kathy Bates. I think the only role that she could not pull off is the cutesy brainless type character.

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11 Responses to Best Actress

  1. Eyes_Open says:

    Drew Barrymore, love her or hate her, she has been in the business all her life and played every type of role I can think of.

  2. di_da_is_alpha says:

    Raquel Welsh is the most underrated, but best? Hmmmm…. Olivia De Havilland? Betty Davis? Ok, I'm thinking Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte, but I'll try not to lose my head. Or my hand.

  3. Eyes_Open says:

    Yvonne De Carlo, ok Griz said this wasn't to be a beauty contest, but OMG, really. She was an amazing actress as well as being an amazing beauty, by any standard. I can't think of any modern actress, with all the surgery, professional make-up, and personal trainers in Hollywood, that even come close.

    • KhreRiov_Ael says:

      On par with Yvonne today would be Angelica Huston I think.. 🙂 And so very versatile too! Calamity Jane in Buffalo Girls and High Priestess Vivianne in Mists of Avalon!

  4. Griz says:

    One of my co-workers has put in Katherine Hepburn and Kate Blanchett.

  5. Reality101 says:

    "tit for tat" .. LOL

  6. KhreRiov_Ael says:

    For Older Actress, I'm going with Katherine Hepburn.. A great lady. I like Angelica Huston and Kate Winslow for newer actress's.

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