As we go through our days, we are getting monitored to a much greater extent.

The cost of the hardware has been coming down at a very nice rate, so municipalities are finding it to be so cheap, why not deploy it. There is likely a bunch of money getting thrown around by the feds in the way of grants. (How much do We The People want to be paying for this? That may be a follow-up post.)

I think a great example of over use of cameras is Mill Plain Boulevard in Vancouver Wa. There are poles every 200-300 feet for a few miles.

That is flat out saturation and an assload of money spent as well as the cost of monitoring.

In many areas, you can be tracked for a majority of your day if you are in public spaces.

There are times like the “Big Game” where they actually man the cameras and use facial recognition software looking for, dead beat dads (who does anything about deadbeat moms?), people with warrants, etc (of course terrorists).