So, we see this topic everywhere, but I would like to have our mark on the subject.

Our group is so diverse that the results should be interesting. I know where some of you stand.

Do you think it should be legalized and taxed? left for medical purposes only?
What sort of symptoms should it be used to treat?

What about the employment aspects if it is legalized?
We may have to break this into a bunch of different topics. We will play it by ear.

67 thoughts on “Marijuana”

  1. I say legalize it, under the same type of regulations that alcohol is under. Growing for your self is legal, but if you want to sell you must have a tax number. Being under the influence under certain situations should be illegal. Medical use should have certain exemptions even for those cases.

    While we are on the subject, one thing I don't quite understand. What is the difference between making it legal and decriminalizing it? I read a lot about people wanting one and not the other. Sounds like the same thing to me, but there must be a nuance I am missing, like the difference between being found not guilty and being innocent.

    1. Decriminalizing it means that it wouldn't be a crime if you had it in your possession, unless you were selling it. The amount would have to be decided upon but one ounce would probably be the limit. Legalizing it means it could be grown and sold legally, but with certain regulations, like cigarettes and alcohol.

  2. Man, when I was in junior high, I got my ass whooped for raiding the old man's liquor cabinet, but, I never would have been caught if I had instead went into the park adjacent to my school and bought a joint, like some of my classmates did. I started smoking pot my senior year in high school, and it was easy as pie to get your hands on the stuff. Alcohol was a pain in the ass to obtain. I don't smoke pot anymore, so I don't have a dog in this hunt, but it's my experience, not just opinion, that legalizing and regulating it will make it more difficult for young people to get their hands on the stuff. Plus, you're not going to stop its use among people over the age of 21 by keeping it illegal.

    Marijuana is less damaging to society today than alcohol (although alcohol was a big part of establishing society in the first place). Beer is the gateway drug into drug use (yes, beer contains alcohol, and alcohol is a drug), it was for me, and I bet that's true for 90% of all marijuana users. If marijuana is a gateway into anything, it's a gateway into ILLEGAL drug use. Legalize the damn stuff. It's not going to go away. Period. The government might as well make money off of it, instead of throwing money down the rathole known as the 'War on Drugs.'

    1. My mother found that marijuana was an effective treatment for ADD. I was six or so when she slowed my silly ass down.There were three rules that she imparted on me: 1. Never buy from someone you don't know (really well) 2. Always lock the door. 3. if you do anything other than marijuana, I will kick your ass.I have lived up to those, but rule three…. I kept it natural. I enjoyed shrooms a couple of times. I did have some pharmaceuticals that may or may not have been prescribed for me.I have not consumed in several years, but I have nothing against it. I do however prefer to see people wait until after they turn 25 to indulge. That is only to allow the reasoning centers in the brain to finish developing before adding the effects of marijuana.

      1. Yup, I'd agree about the age 25 part, and make the same argument for alcohol. But then you'd get into arguments about the voting age, and serving in combat. If you can do those things, why can't you drink or fire up a bowl?

        1. Here's something stupid…. I have to run my daughter back to the clinic for another pre-employment drug screen test. Her test yesterday was ''diluted''. She doesn't smoke weed, or do drugs, but she drinks water, nonstop. So, we're heading out. She hasn't drank any water or peed yet, this morning. Hopefully it will be concentrated enough to pass. STUPID!

          1. Yes, the average person is mildly dehydrated, so they set the bar there. if a person is properly hydrated, the testers think you are trying to hide something.Abbie Hoffman – Steal This Urine Test was an interesting read. It was one of (if not his last) last books.My ex has one fail because she was doing too much caffeine. She had even provided the list of caffeinated products that she was taking.

  3. This topic is the logical follow-on to the prior thread about prohibition of smoking.

    We can agree that prohibition of smoking would be bad.

    History tells us the failures of the prohibition of alcohol.

    And noting that both smoking and alcohol are more addictive and deadly substances, the prohibition of marijuana is hard to justify.

    But here is an poor but in-use justification for marijuana prohibition: America's Prison Industrial Complex* is thriving with profits due to the "war on drugs". (*with particular help from the lobbyists hired by the Fraternal Order of Prison Guards).

  4. Of course it should be legal. For everyone. For all purposes. I'm against the MMP, and think they have stalled the legalization of Marijuana. Not saying it doesn't have medicinal purposes, but the movement itself is a joke. I'd rather get a citation from a local cop, for possessing it, than have my name on a list for the feds.

    <img src=''&gt;


      What about to help with the long overnight cross country road trip?

      What about to help a brain surgeon's nerves before he performs an operation?

      Heck, I'm sure some NASA astronauts could really get "high" this way too.

      (nice pic, by the way.)

      1. Yeah, all purposes. That doesn't equate to irresponsible use. Your implication is like saying, ''My brain surgeon had a Marlboro hanging out of his mouth while doing my surgery. And I swear he had the nurse mix him a martini, too.''

    2. I wish my dealer looked like that when I was growing up. Glinda was about 350 lb, looked like a cross of a raccoon and a hippo. Of course, now that she has been busted for the 5th time and hasn't been dealing for a while she looks a little better. She's actually out in the sun now and not got the 10 lb bags under her eyes. lol…

      1. LOL! That's the problem with dealers, they are surrounded by bag bitches, willing to do every little thing for them, providing they toss them some product, here and there. She's probably forced to get off the couch now.

        1. She was/is actually my best friends mom. But yeah, we were doing all the running just to get a cut at cost, now she is running to the probation office twice a week and community service in lieu of jail time. They let her off easy because of her age and bad health. I love these guys to death, but I do have an issue with the lifestyle that they choose. Not that they choose the drugs, but that they choose to be moochers off the government, then have the audacity to go out and protest to get the government out of their business. I agree that the government is too into our private lives, but if you are living off of welfare, deal with it until you can live separate from it.

  5. I am not a pot smoker/user (but have played with the idea of trying some 'baking')
    I have friends that do use it for a multiple reasons – recreational, medical… what have you

    I honestly think it should be just like booze, regulate it and tax it. Yes you can grow it just like you can make your own hooch, but not many will go through the trouble and will pay to have it all done and ready to use.

    Just as I have stated before on other issues… follow the money… the only reason why it was made illegal was because the hemp industry was giving the linen and cotton industry a run for its money. Hemp is stronger, last longer and cheaper to mass produce. We all know it logical to have it legal, but it would cut deeply into big pharma's pocket as you cannot patent a natural product so there is no money in it for them and they are fighting to keep it illegal.

        1. Hmmm.. I've never baked anything like that, but the 'experts' who I know told me that the temperature and the time are critical, so unless it's a REALLY BIG cookie, it might not work as well. Something about the release of the THC. That's what I've been told anyway. Of course, I was pretty zonked at the time. 🙂

          1. I have some friends that have done some creative baking ( I just never tried anything ) and they have done everything from brownies to PB & J sandwiches…

            I never really tried it because I am not a smoker and the idea of smoking anything doesn't appeal to me, but I would have a real hard time turning down a cookie 😀

          2. That is why you use cannibutter.I had a dream once… (shall we say) where I had an ovaltine jar full of a green leafy material, with ever-clear. The jar was placed int he freezer, and rotated a few times ever several days.  After a couple of weeks, the liquid was filtered leaving a green almost clear fluid called green dragon. The green dragon is place in a pan on low heat, keeping in mind that ever-clear burns wonderfully.  when you have the green dragon reduced to a tar like substance you can added a small amount to melted butter. Tada you have cannibutter.I suspect that some just had flashback as they read that.

      1. I know they have stripped it to the point its not considered natural and have made marinol (sp?) but by then its not even close to the original. Just like when they created a synthetic Omega-3 oils… why take something that will give you side effects when you can just get the natural with no side effects and the fraction of cost?

  6. This may surprise some due to my evangelical Christianity. But, I think marijuana should be legal, regulated, and taxed. I've never partaken in the weed and probably never will for my own reasons, but the current situation regarding marijuana is not working. Also, I believe a portion of any taxes on such legalization should be dedicated to drug abuse education and rehabilitation.

  7. Back In The Day, I did just about every 'drug' that was available ('tho I never was a big fan of pot)
    It has been Many years since I have done Any of 'them'.

    Do I think Pot should be Legal? Yes.
    Do I think it Will eventually be legalized? Yes.
    When it Is legal, Will I partake? Perhaps.

    But – The fact remains, that At this point in history, Pot Is Illegal (at least at the Federal level) .. So, I "personally" will have Nothing to do with it!

        1. When I get off work tonight, I want to see your rep score at 100. You are so fricken close, M'Friend. If you post all day and all evening.. Go to Dear Lips, and just start rambling. Doesn't even need to make sense. Just do it!

    1. That is one of the more tasteful "art cars" I have seen.

      Here in the Bay Area, I see a lot of pretty ugly ones. Sorry, I have too much respect for the original beetle design to appreciate the guy who hot glues a hundred barbie dolls all over it.

    2. Awesome VW! I like it! Have to agree, I've seen a few not so pretty so called art work cars!

      I always wanted a flocked one! There used to be this corvette when I was kid I wanted that dam vet ! Purple flock with flames..

      1. Well – Yeah .. There is always that 'problem' (and maybe the vending machine problem too ?).. heh!

        … seems like getting High, and antagonizing Hippos wouldn't be too much of a problem – at least not here in the US 😉

  8. Tried it and all it ever did for me was give me the worst headache! Tried speed once.. put me to sleep! I have this thing about it though! I don't care if anyone uses it, just please don't around me! I hate headaches!

    Legalize it and tax it! Thats fine with me! 🙂

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