12 thoughts on “Has the executive branch of the American government gained too much power in the last fifty years?”

  1. Oh yeah, and the last one has been able to circumvent the constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen with a (Proven fraudlent) birth certificate.

    1. A birth certificate that most of us could produce within 5 minutes. That does bug me. Number 2 thing that bugs me is the redefinition of transparency. Apparently, the White House doesn't have a dictionary to look up what "transparency" means.

        1. Information goes in, but never comes out again. Or, if it does come out, it is never in it's original form, it's been transformed into something else.

      1. Several conservative organizations have analyzed it to be computer generated. Of course, it depends on your point of view. To an Obumer supporter, it is genunine, to me it is phony. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? We will see. I like the intrige, as always. It's very fun for me.

  2. More like the last 70 years, but yes, most definitely. If all of these recent recess appointments when Congress wasn't even IN recess don't wake people up, nothing will.

  3. happy weekend to all of you POP people… I'll be off line and on a road trip. To the Land of the Mouse!

    (when I'm back Monday I look forward to discussing with all, but certainly Reality101, what will surely be my favorite ride…."It's A Small World Afterall")

    1. Well, I know you're allergic to the 'Tea' cups, and if only they had flying donkeys instead of elephants …. heheheh

      Have a good trip. If you miss everybody, jump on Pirates of the Caribbean and figure out who is who.

  4. If this is a test question, my answer is "Yes!" It occurs every time a new regulation is issued and there were 40,000 of them issued last year. It occurs every time an Executive Order is issued that has no corresponding law for it's establishment. This isn't something new, John Adams, passed the Alien and Sedition Act to silence his critics and political opponents or put them in prison.

    FDR's internment of U.S citizens of Japanese descent was Unconstitutional. But, happened anyway. Again, an illegal use of Executive power.

    President Obama's action in Libya without Congressional approval right at the beginning was a sign of Executive power expansion.

    It is always a power struggle between the Legislative and Executive Branch. A weak Legislative usually leads to expansion of the Executive. Vacuums are always filled. The current and previous Legislative in my opinion has weak leadership.

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