Susan B Anthony screwed you women over

Gigglez had a really interesting thought today…

Susan B Anthony was a traitor to her gender.

How can she say that you ask…

Well here is the reasoning, Susan B Anthony fought tirelessly for women’s rights.

Had she left well enough alone, you gals could have spent today at home with your feet dangling in the pool with a margarita in your hand. Instead you are in the office, being treated like slaves, trying to keep up with the men.

5 thoughts on “Susan B Anthony screwed you women over”

  1. Heheheh… that was sexist, outrageous, insensitive, and politically askew to the major degree… and I loved every letter of it! Well put, and I couldn't agree more. If women wanted more rights they should not have asked for MORE JOBS! … It's like saying you don't want technology in the house, but demanding a new ringtone for your cell.

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