9 thoughts on “Another silly assed game”

  1. I have found that while building property in Portland or Los Angeles. Is a lot more expensive, the return on the money is higher for apartments at least.

    I am passing this on because it was suggested to build in the cheaper areas, while this is a good tactic in early play; I have dropped it as soon as I was able to afford it.

    Same building Small apartment with first two low end upgrades nets
    Boring: 10,943
    Portland: 33,151
    Los Angeles: 74,419

    There are a lot of variables, I have a kinda mesh of them in my head, and I haven’t put anything on paper yet.

    I spent about 22,000,000 on building today.

    Next time I will get into diversification of product to outlets, so as to avoid flooding the local markets, I see this happening I some smaller towns, but I was surprised to see Seattle at its size flooded on only the high end.

    This brings to mind some offensive tactics for later.

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