GOP Voters

So, if you are a Republican, we have differences of opinion. Okay, that is fine, it is the variety that we work with on a daily basis. We each have things that we believe in that we probably will not see eye to eye on. If you voted for Trump,… Continue reading

Griz in Review

This should be interesting. One of my dearest and longest term friends is looking over the site to see what I have become. Oh the things that she will learn. The ladies here can attest to my still being a hug whore. We go back to high school, before homelessness,… Continue reading

Trump and Negative Coverage

When the Orange Twat-Waffle and his fans proclaim that the majority of his media coverage is negative… Well no shit! This is an indicator of being an utter failure and a clueless fuck. If you want better coverage, then do some good. Surround yourself with people who know what the… Continue reading

Doing some house cleaning on the site.

Since this site has been up for so many years, I feel it is time to do some cleaning. There is a bunch of space being taken up that should probably just be purged. Part of this is in expectation that the site may need to change servers in the… Continue reading

AfterDark Discussion Ideas

So this is going to be the repository of topics that we wish to discuss. Just drop a discussion idea in a comment and we can bring it up. Once a topic has been posted for discussion, I can add a link to the lower portion of this post for… Continue reading

Welcome to the After Dark group

Since the After Dark group (while private) still shows the name that we use on FB I fear that many are not ready to open up and really discussing topics that could be worth while. To help with this, I would like to open my website up for these discussions…. Continue reading

A note from a guest author (anonymous for the moment)

so… explain to me… we all KNOW.. that trump was negotiating to build a tower in Moscow… while running for president… all the while he said to you and me that he had nothing to do with Russia… Over and over and over… he LIED… He lied about his personal… Continue reading

Celebrity Dead Pool – 2018 results

Okay, the results are in! Griz took this year with a score of 30 Dandalion came in second with 24 TG placed with 11 points Thank you all for playing again! I am now working on adding the lists for 2019. Mortician Celebrity Age at death Score Bonus Subscore Total… Continue reading

Dead Pool 2019 – First Call

This is not for the weak… If you cannot make light of death and mortality, please stop here and head to or someplace else. That said, it is once again time to submit your dead pool rosters. It is still free. Maybe some day we will do a paid… Continue reading